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If you are already an extraordinary performer, then you’re probably not satisfied. High-performers can always see the next level, but they can’t always see the way to get there! Guerrilla coaching and consulting gets you to the next level, and the next after that.  We can help achieve unprecedented results in as little as 30 days using scientifically tested approaches from neuroscience, psychology and other domains of science and management thought. Our proven methods help you to make lasting changes, enhance your leadership skills, hone your communication, ramp up productivity, and deepen relationships!

Are you ready to join the elite world of super high-performers?

World-Class Performers Have Coaches. Shouldn’t You?

Gain the expertise an outside objective expert can provide, and thrive from the experience.

Most of us hover somewhere around the middle range of our real capabilities. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about business or marriage, about health or money.

Being extraordinary requires taking the normal, everyday level of performance to a new level. And to reach a new level, you need new input and new thoughts – a new way of developing yourself and a new way of seeing the world.

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About Me

Amie has more than 25 years experience as an executive and personal coach and management consultant. In that time, she has led public seminars for over 20,000 people, provided one on one and group coaching to thousands of sales and business development professionals, and provided C-Suite executive coaching to business leaders of everything from Fortune 50 companies to sole proprietors providing pet-sitting services.

Our Services

We offer several different approaches to coaching and consulting depending on what kind of project you have,
whether you want to work alone or in a group and other considerations.
Executive & Performance Coaching

Whether you are a solopreneur or a Fortume 50 CEO, coaching takes your from where you are to world-class in leadership, communication, management and more!

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Business Consulting

We are not experts in your business. We are experts in the stuff that makes businesses work. Whether productivity, management, leadership, marketing or sales, there is a greater level of excellence you can achieve!

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Snap2™ Coaching

The Snap2 program is remote coaching provided via Skype, email or text. It requires minutes a day to produce amazing results.

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Life Coaching

Whatever you are doing with your life, coaching can add power, ease, joy and results. Some of our clients choose to have...

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