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Your initial investments include legal experts, finance experts, equipment like servers or cloud-infrastructure. Why aren’t you investing in developing your own skills, like leadership, management, communication. Developing the ability to lead and manage an enterprise isn’t a matter of information, it’s a matter of experience, maturity and skill. Even the best-educated MBA-holding innovators can’t know what they don’t know.

Are you ready to join the elite world of super high-performers?

World-Class Performers Have Coaches. Shouldn’t You?

Gain the expertise an outside objective expert can provide, and thrive from the experience.

Most of us hover somewhere around the middle range of our real capabilities. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about business or marriage, about health or money.

Being extraordinary requires taking the normal, everyday level of performance to a new level. And to reach a new level, you need new input and new thoughts – a new way of developing yourself and a new way of seeing the world.

About Amie

Amie has more than 25 years experience as an executive and personal coach and management consultant. In that time, she has led public seminars for over 20,000 people, provided one on one and group coaching to thousands of sales and business development professionals, and provided C-Suite executive coaching to business leaders of everything from Fortune 50 companies to sole proprietors providing pet-sitting services.

Our Services


Being a leader is a process, not a fixed ability. It also has less to do with “getting people to follow” and more to do with inspiring people to accomplish their own greatness.

Performance Coaching

This one-on-one coaching is done by phone or skype. Conversations focus on the issues that are most pressing to you as a leader, an executive, a manager, owner, founder or employee.


Our years of experience in strategy consulting, keynote speaking, executive leadership and start-ups allow us to offer experience, wisdom and insight into your immediate goals.


While many of our clients are CEOs, founders or other top leaders, we also work with the executive teams and management of client companies.

Consulting Services

Our consulting is focused on many of the same areas as our high-performance coaching and the research presented in my Powered By Principle book.