About Amie

Experience And Wisdom

Amie Devero

Amie has more than 25 years of experience as an executive coach and management consultant. In that time, she has led public seminars for over 20,000 people, done one on one and group coaching with thousands of professionals, and provided C-Suite executive coaching to business leaders of everything from Fortune 500 companies to nascent start-ups, and is active in the start-up community.

Along with her work as a coach and consultant, Amie has led two technology start-up companies in the urban tech/payment sector, and has worked in multiple different kinds of industries as an executive, including software, advertising, international sovereign banking, NGOs and media. She is often asked to provide thought-provoking keynote presentations as well as multi-day training seminars to conferences, associations and to corporate audiences.

Amie attended Bennington College and Harvard University as an undergraduate, and has two masters degrees, one from the London School of Economics in Social Philosophy and Management and another from Florida International University. She is the author of “Powered by Principle: Using Core Values to Build World-Class Organizations”, a management book addressing issues of strategy and leadership. She is often published on issues relating to business, management effectiveness and strategy.