Areas Of Focus


• Bringing out the best in others
• Inspiring excitement in the mission and organization
• Modeling who we are as an organization
• Being fully accountable
• Owning it all


Organizational Culture and Change

• Choosing and promulgating a culture
• Changing a legacy culture
• Sustaining an incubator culture in an adolescent organization
• Creating processes, habits, stories and artifacts to reinforce culture


Productivity and Time Management

• Discerning what is most important now
• Avoiding time sucks
• Utilizing time management tools to gain freedom, power and results
• Reducing or eliminating the feeling of overwhelm (or drowning in things to do)


• Creating a pitch
• Mentality of pitching
• Avoiding getting “un-psyched”
• Successfully delivering a pitch
• Framing the case

Work/Life Balance

• Making choices about what is important
• Eliminating a zero-sum equation between work and non-work
• Adding habits that build mindfulness, health, family, balance
• Reducing neglect of family and friends


• Creating a strategy to build authority
• Publishing, presenting, speaking, social media


• Setting appropriate boundaries
• Resolving or avoiding conflicts in the organization
• Delegating effectively
• Creating structures and processes productivity efficiency, scalability and results


• Clarity
• Inspiring others to action
• Enrollment
• Listening
• Being in another’s world
• Learning to hear what is unsaid