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April, 2020

Hosting a Virtual Team Happy Hour

If you are planning a company virtual happy hour, here are some tips on best practices.

April, 2020

How To Respond to Thank You

What do you say? No problem? You're welcome? Here are expert opinions.

April, 2020

The Lie of Born Leaders

Leaders aren't born that way. they're trained.

April, 2020

Should You Attend That Networking Event?

When is it worth attending an industry event?

March, 2020

Creating Teamwork

How can you leverage your team's skills for collaboration and great teamwork?



Skills needed to lead a cross-functional team effectively.

Feb. 2020

How to Give Feedback

Whether you're a manager or a peer, an executive or an HR pro, giving feedback is a key skill.

Mar. 2020

Cross-Functional Team Leadership

Skills needed to lead a cross-functional team effectively.

Jan. 2020

Startup Dilemma

What do you choose for  your start-up? Follow your stategy or just sell more?

Feb., 2020

Founder CTOs Losing Clout

After the initial honeymoon, CTOs often lose their status to their CEO partners. Why?

Jan. 2020

Training Productivity

Can you train your employees to be more productive?

Jan., 2020

Frank Bria Podcast Interview

30 Minutes interview covering lots of topics.

Dec, 2019

Leadership Concepts to Watch in 2020

What are the next trends you'll see in leadership?

Dec. 2019

Networking Tips

Top 10 Tips for effective networking.

Nov., 2019

Leaders, Stop Trying to be So Positive and Authentic

Why positivity can be a problem rather than an edict.

Dec. 2019

Random Acts of Kindness

A collection of random acts of kindness you can perform.

Nov., 2019

How to Stop Yourself from Talking Too Much

Extensive tips from a variety of experts.

Nov. 2019

Number One Customer Service Tips

A collection of tips for great customer service. Mine is near bottom.

Oct., 2019

How to Motivate the Muddled Majority of Your Workforce

Helping disengaged employees get engaged.

Oct., 2019

12 Ways to Communicate More Effectively

Quoted at length in expert panel on communication strategies.

Oct., 2019

Podcast Interview in Change Management Review

What is the Merlin Process and its connection to Strategy Mapping?

Oct., 2019

What is Emotional Intelligence

Quoted in article on the importance of EQ.

Sep, 2019

CEO ReadMe's. Yes or No?

Does your team really need your personal ReadMe?

Oct., 2019

Strategic Vs. Nimble in Tech: Avoid Giving Your Dev Team Whiplash

How to avoid the problems of being an opportunity magpie as a startup

Aug, 2019

Help Employees Grow

What to do when employees don't embrace training or coaching.

Sep., 2019

Leadership in HR

HR is no longer just payroll and benefits, it's much more.

July, 2019

Winners Certainly DO Quit: Here's Why

Article on the virtue of quitting things.

July, 2019

Article Quotation

Don't avoid giving honest feedback in an effort to be nice. Here's how to tell the truth and be caring.

July, 2019

Article Quotation: Decision Matrix

Article on Using a Decision Matrix

July, 2019

Article Quotation

Don't avoid giving honest feedback in an effort to be nice. Here's how to tell the truth and be caring.

May, 2019

Article Quotation: Employee Engagement

Article on the importance of and ways to encourage employee engagement.

May, 2019

Tech Versus Sales: Can't We All Just Get Along?

Article on Forbes. Click for full text.

March, 2019

Radio Interview on Lisa Valentine Clark Show, BYU Radio

20 Minute interview: Why you should get outside of your comfort zone and how to do it successfully.

May, 2019

Toggl Management Blog

Quoted by author Kat Boogard on Management by Objective

Nov. 2018

Radio Interview on All Business Media

Short audio interview with Amie about the kinds of challenges clients have and how coaching helps.

Dec. 2018

Overcome Groupthink on Your Team.

Wisdom from Amie and 10 other Forbes Coaches on how to overcome this huge challenge.

Nov. 2018

Your Decisions May Be Biased

The tried and true methods of decision-making have hidden biases that may be undermining their strength.

Oct. 2018

What Will Your Customer Experience?

Our best source of revenue is current customers and their referrals. Do you seriously consider their perceptions?

Sept. 2018

Avoid Groupthink for Better Decision-Making

Groupthink costs you the full benefit of your team's best thinking. And you need that.

Aug. 2018

How Better Conversations Can Improve Your Performance

Getting honest feedback is hard, but it's so valuable. Here are simple strategies to elicit contrasting input.

Aug. 2018

Measure What Really Matters

Avoid unintended consequences. Do your performance metrics encourage the wrong behavior as people try to get the "score"?

July 2018

Want a Great Team? Stop Talking So Much.

When you're talking your team doesn't. By talking less and listening more, they grow and shine.

July 2018

Decision-Making: Tomorrow, Next Year or Next Decade?

For fidelity it's critical to frame your decision-making within an explicit timeframe.

June 2018

Building a Team That Thinks Like Owners

How can you cultivate a team that is proactive, entrepreneurial and creative, instead of just great order-takers?