Being a leader is a process, not a fixed ability. It also has less to do with “getting people to follow” and more to do with inspiring people to accomplish their own greatness. And although there are those who say that leaders are “born, not made”, that is largely untrue. Not only is leadership itself an ongoing process, but leading organizations at different points in their evolution requires a variety of different abilities and competencies. As your team expands and changes, it will require that you grow too – but faster, more intensively and with more power than you may imagine. Our clients discover the genius within themselves to lead their teams and organizations to be and accomplish great things.  Schedule your complimentary session and experience it for yourself!

This one-on-one coaching is done by phone or skype. Conversations focus on the issues that are most pressing to you as a leader, an executive, a manager, owner, founder or employee. The coaching relationship begins with a fairly extensive battery of initial work (before our first, formal coaching session) designed to challenge your thought process and press you to detail specific targets and goals that our work will address. By having clear goals and a terrain for the work, each individual coaching session takes place within a well-defined context. That makes it much easier to choose what daily events or immediate challenges are most relevant to your ultimate aim for yourself, your enterprise, your team or your personal life. As with any concentrated project, we create milestones and metrics, and check back regularly to ensure that our work is always laser-focused on what matters most.

Usually skills coaching is either the catalyst for beginning to work with us, or part of an ongoing high-performance coaching relationship. Our years of experience in strategy consulting, keynote speaking, executive leadership and start-ups allow us to offer experience, wisdom and insight into your immediate goals. Whether helping to hone and assess both the logic and magnetism of your funding pitch, honing your salesmanship or developing you as a thought-leader in your own industry, we can coach you with laser focus and specific exercises and feedback designed to let you unleash your own brilliance, charisma, insight and magnetism.

While many of our clients are CEOs, founders or other top leaders, we also work with the executive teams and management of client companies. To create an extraordinary organization, it isn’t enough for one person at the top to gain an edge and become a super high-performer. Imbuing the entire team, or individuals within in with an edge on their own communication, leadership, management and coaching skills, the entire team can take a quantum leap forward. With that kind of exponential acceleration in mind, many of our clients are companies, who have decided to offer executive coaching as a benefit to those in the company from whom much is expected and whose influence can guide the organization to its full potential.

Our consulting is focused on many of the same areas as our high-performance coaching and the research presented in Powered By Principle (the book). Consulting engagements can be short or longer term, and can include workshops, analyses, research and combinations of all of those. Some of the types of work we are most frequently requested to provide are • Strategy mapping • Strategy execution plans • e-Commerce strategies • Balanced scorecards™ • Organizational change projects • Leadership training • Customer service training and group coaching • Sales training • Core values creation and implementation